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[ SINCE 2022 ]
LoctonBank is custodial storage, with mandatory KYC/ AML procedures, provides the following:
LocktonBank is a multi-blockchain platform that performs a number of banking functions.
  • store digital assets;
  • place deposits;
  • receive crypto-currency loans;
  • make card payments through an integrated fiat gateway
  • multizone storage;
  • p2p exchange service;
  • corporate payment service;
  • instant micropayment service;
  • liquidity pool for issuing derivatives;
  • staking deposit;
  • cross chain swap service
1. LocktonBank allows customers
2. LocktonBank services
  • multi-signature features;
  • API for auditing and integration with third-party systems
  • anchoring transactions in the public blockchain;
  • full customization embedded in the architecture of the platform
The solution from LocktonBank is an affiliate program designed as a modular, interbank platform with a full range of cryptoactive services. Connecting to our system any bank will be able to provide a full range of services on its own behalf, becoming one of the regional partners.
The private blockchain system registers every transaction in the public blockchain network without revealing the details of the transaction. In this way, all authorized members of the network will be able to prove to each other all the actions performed and their irreversibility.
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crypto lending
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Blockchain based
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Flexible deposit
[ Operations in seconds ]
Lockton Bank is a custodial storage, where, in addition to the mandatory KYC and AML procedures, the following are present:
  • multi-signature features;
  • API for auditing and integration with third-party systems;
  • anchoring transactions in the public blockchain;
  • full customization embedded in the architecture of the platform.

This set of qualities provides almost unlimited opportunities for building a variety of financial products for consumers of any level.
In addition to classic deposits, Lockton offers staking escrow for Proof of stake assets. Your capital becomes part of the PoS collateral for which, depending on the project or protocol, you will be compensated in the form of a percentage with the possibility of withdrawing or keeping the accumulated interest.
Another tool is replenishment of the liquidity pool in DeFi projects - your capital is used to ensure the liquidity of the project, and the project compensates you for the use of funds for the period of placement.
Lockton Bank provides voluntary deposit insurance. Insurance conditions depend on the conditions of use of a particular product. In addition, Lockton Bank organizes a compensation fund in case of loss of user funds due to the fault of the bank.
Compliance with regulatory policies
At Lockton Bank, the receipt of assets undergoes
a preliminary AML check in cooperation with specialized providers (Chainanalysis, Elliptic, CipherTrace, Crystal Blockchain and etc.), which qualitatively reduces the likelihood of receiving a “dirty” asset. It is equally important to take into account the trustworthiness of the recipient when withdrawing assets.
Big brand that accept crypto

Investment banks, funds, international corporations are seriously considering blockchain-based projects in their portfolio due to the increasing acceptance of the technology by institutional market participants.
The control of transactions is based on multi-signature technology, which requires approval of the transaction by several parties (user, bank, third-party arbitrators);
Binding (anchoring) of transactions in a public blockchain (the hash of the transaction is transferred to a public blockchain network, which allows the event to be irreversibly fixed without disclosure of data)
API to ensure auditing and integration with third-party systems;
Provide the liquidity
to DeFi protocols with ability to return dividends to consumers
It is obvious that almost every person or company uses banking services. Banks as a financial structure are reliable and credible for the users.
At the same time, not all people have the appropriate knowledge, and often financial literacy, to successfully interact with professional participants of the financial market.
Therefore, there is an opinion that people who do not understand crypto assets but want to buy them, first of all, go to banks.
Trust gives an advantage. A bank with crypto-currency and traditional services has all the prerequisites for increased demand compared to other institutions of this market.
ICO, ITO, Funds
to store liquidity and attract users to the product;
to gain access to the custodial storage of a part of assets in order to diversify risks;
to build a single solution for multi-currency transactions, accept payments and service transactions;
gambling and arbitrage
for the possibility of expanding their own functionality towards working with crypto assets and using the functionality of a crypto bank for their clients
The tiered storage architecture eliminates the risk of unauthorized access.
The LocktonBank system is divided into "hot", "warm" and "cold" zones.
By setting up his account, the user distributes the conditions for storing assets based on their needs. to access the hot zone, a request from the user account is enough;
access to the warm zone will require a user request and additional confirmation with a key from the customer service department;
to access cold storage, you need a customer request, a customer service key, and a manager key. Also, any user can assign additional security steps (for example, when placing especially large assets) - personal presence, additional signatures from trusted persons or organizations, etc.
All this in addition to standard KYC, 3D secure, withdrawal whitelists and other asset protection methods.
[ Functionality ]
From classical bank deposits and loans to Staking and Liquidity supply.
Profitable deposit
It helps organizations to carry out settlements in cryptocurrencies, filtering dirty assets (in integration with an AML provider), and clearing. Sallery and corporate finance solutions
Corporate payment service:
crypto to crypto; crypto to fiat; fiat to crypto;
Exchange Service
Automated crypto/fiat payments with standard spending limits.
Issuance of Payment Card, VIrtual and Plastic:
Features of the Lockton Bank
  • multi-level access to assets;
  • fragmented cold storage;
  • high customization rate;
  • Priority for security by increasing the number of procedural steps;
  • Faster market entry (as business structure);
  • smaller pool for market making;
  • unlimited scalability in services;;
  • freer market niche;
  • reputation of banking institution;
Classic bank basis
(Advantages over the exchange):
scalability in services;
[Security ]
Providing cold depositing function;
High level protection of users and funds administration
Managing any types of wallets (hybrid approach)
Funds losing risk diversification
Different back-up options
Multisignature and shared secret schemes (including weight-based)
Anchoring to public blockchain for irreversibility achieving
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